Charlotte Chocolate Fountains and Fondue

At Charlotte Chocolate Fountains and Fondue our goal is to showcase elegant chocolate fountains for your guests pleasure. Our premium chocolate fountains use NO ADDED OIL only 100% pure chocolate flowing through our fountains.

Charlotte Chocolate Fountains and Fondue carries various sized fountains to accommodate events of large magnitude to small elegant occasions. Chocolate fountains are great for dessert stations or as classy welcome appetizer station.


Charlotte Chocolate Fountains and Fondue is

Charlotte and North Carolina's #1 full service chocolate fountain company. Specializing in elegant displays of chocolate fountains to accentuate the decor of your wedding or event. All dippables provided by Charlotte Chocolate Fountains and Fondue are FRESH, safe and delicious when dipped in our rich, premium Belgian chocolate. We handle the details while you enjoy the chocolate fountain and your event!



Fountain with topper


A showcase of warm cascading chocolate

We also offer the one of the Charlotte area's only fountain toppers. Ask about the beautiful silver dish that can be used to add a coordinating silk arrangement to the top of your fountain for an elegant touch.


Every Chocolate fountain rental is accompanied by a professional attendant.The attendant will make sure that your fountain runs smoothly, that the display is properly maintained and that there is no double dipping.

Charlotte Chocolate Fountains and Fondue has a certificate in "Safe Food Handling". This ensures our customers that we will provide you and your guests with safe, delicious, fresh, satisfying items for dipping.

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